Power is the key driver in the human progress, Intact to maintain our way of life and the economic development of our society, we require continues access to power at an affordable price. Solarify will not only forecast power generation at installed source but also help us to analyze the installed capacity to maintain the demand and supply. With the help of Predix, Solarify would be capable of improving the generation coast structure in different areas based on the geographical regions and whether forecasting.

What it does

Solarify: Uses Historical Whether data and provide critical information to improve the efficiency of solar power generator and bridge the gap between supply and demand.

How I built it

With a great team effort , friendly Hack session and very supportive Predix Hack team.

Use Intel Edison board and Grove Starter Kit Sensors for the hardware integration.

Challenges I ran into

Understanding APM, some environmental issue like time series data

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are able to build a workable solution in 24 hours

What I learned

Predix is one of the awesome platform to build and change the world

What's next for Solarify

In future following data will be included to improve the predictive analysis which Solarify will use to take smart decisions. Datas:

  • Power generation per unit
  • Forecasted whether data
  • Demand and supply record

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