by Yajas, William, and Keshav

Why is Solari?

As computer science students in our second year, the three of us have been searching for job opportunities or internships to promote our career. Solari is a platform for those like us - those searching for a way to engage with the world around them, while also picking up invaluable skills along the way.

What is Solari?

Solari allows volunteers to enter details that would be of interest to recruiters, such as their age, location, and interests. Similarly, recruiters post details of positions that they are currently recruiting for.

When a volunteer comes across a posting they are interested in, they can apply and be added to a list of candidates for recruiters to review and select from.

How is Solari?

Solari started off as desings on Figma, and is now built in Java, with the front-end being written using the JavaFX Framework. Information about volunteers, recruiters, and job postings is stored on a SQLite database that communicates directly with the application.

Our Struggles

The biggest challenge we had throughout this process was understanding how to implement an SQL database so that it could communicate directly with the application, followed by finding the right drivers to make everything come together.

Additionally, this is the first time we have used Git for collaboration, so figuring out how and when to create/merge branches, and how or when to push code so it doesn't lead to more problems was certainly an interesting process.

There were also certain email related hijinks that are best not told.

Our Achievements

This is the first hackathon any of us have taken part in, and regardless of how successful we were in terms of our application, I think we are all proud of what we were able to do together. Learning how to collaborate effectively using GitHub and bouncing ideas off of each other when we desperately tried to debug our (unreasonably stubborn) database is something that makes us all better programmers.

What now?

We'd love to make Solari more accessible by allowing users to download it as a mobile application or to be able to use it as a web app.

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