Inspiration: Inspiration came from the Himalayan region of Nepal, seeing supply chains reliant on the carrying capacity of local Sherpa's, carrying Cast-iron stoves on high pass trails navigable only by foot and yak, disrupted by disaster in 2015 earthquakes severely restricting remote area access and emergency response capability

What it does: Our project is an emergent ecotourism business opportunity and sustainable transport model for isolated islands. It is a standard shipping container format that can be readily deployed by air, land or sea.

How we built it: As a team, we knew that modern, ruggedised eBikes and Solar+Storage consumer products exist which, if put together into a ready to use combination could transport clinical staff to where they were needed faster than by foot, arriving with a ready source of power + lighting to assist.

Challenges we ran into: Attempting to gain access to the required insolation data. Complications with the bike's implementation into the shipping container.

What we learned: New collaboration platform (Confluence), Web design (Weebly).

What's next for SolarEdVenture: Market Validation and detailed manufacturing plans. Pilot site liaison.

Built With

  • custom-designed-transport-and-deployment
  • existing-consumer-grade-products
  • shipping-containers-as-the-basic-building-and-deployment-block
  • tweaked-for-remote-area-deployment-and-action-sports-business-formats
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