California has some of the highest energy costs in the nation, and is currently undergoing massive changes to its rate structure. There is a .06 kwh variance in energy costs depending on when the energy usage takes place.

CA’s new Time of Use rate structure has created significant utility bill shock for residential consumers as some bill have doubled in cost using the same energy usage pattern.

A consumer could try to learn their new rate structure, analyze their own usage and model out the optimal times to do certain activities as a way to save money without expending additional money on new appliances and energy efficiency upgrades.



Lower your electricity costs

See how changes to your home and lifestyle affect your energy use

Compare to previous years to see if you're using more or less energy

Compare to local community to see if you're using more or less energy than your neighbors

It's so simple even a child can understand:

RED, (Peak period highest electricity rate - make sure appliance not in use are turned off or unplugged)

YELLOW (Nearing peak period, cost of electricity increasing)

GREEN (Lowest standard energy rate under plan- best time for heavy electrical usage, ie wash clothes)

Don't need to go look at your meter, don't need to analyze your utility bill, don't need to understand new rate structure: All you need to know is - Go, Cut Back, and Cut Off.

It works for residential, commercial and agricultural rate plans.

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