The changing world has started showing its devastating effects after over exploitation of fossil fuels. Currently INDIA is facing severe coal shortage issues which results in prolonged hours of power cutoffs. To overcome this we have came up with the solution SOLAR_REIGN.

What it does

We have created an android app integrated with AR and ML based solution that actually provide users with information related to solar power generation on seasonal basis using graphical representation along with analysis of system expenses. The AR-based 3D asset can be a great resolution for analyzing and understanding the optimal angles of solar panels for maximum efficiency. Likewise, Our ML algorithm tell users about crops which are feasible to farm by Agrivoltaics techniques.

How we built it

1) Solar Power Production in monthly and annual basis : We had processed the solar power generation data as per latitude and longitude of their premise, after it goes as inputs on Java and ML Algorithm to generate our desired results.

2) Graphical Analysis of Solar setup expense :r We have developed Java Algorithm that will be showing the maximum cost and quantity(kw) of solar setup by analyzing your monthly consumption of electricity.

3) Rotating AR 3D asset to know about the tilt angles of solar panels for maximum efficiency : We have implemented AR 3D Asset where optimal angle varies on seasonal basis as per its latitude and longitude, hence we are letting user to see its optimal angle for maximum efficiency of panels. User can change the angle of panels and view the angle of inclination better above of ground level.

4)We have also developed decisive ML algorithm where we have used linear regression which acknowledge users about crops which are feasible to farm via AgriVoltaics farming techniques.

Challenges we ran into

The following are the challenges that we witnessed:-

Working and finding such APIs which accrued with all the data related to solar parameters was one of the difficult tasks for us.

Another difficult task was developing ML and java based algorithms which were the resolution for our project.

Finding difficulty in working on the optimum angle of rotation in Unity AR attachments.

Understanding and implementing java threading was a difficult task for us.

Integrating Google Maps API for geolocation was also a difficult task for the team

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our team become successful in building up the solution that we have desired for. Moreover we have worked on diverse tech stacks and deep dived into it to implement the solution successfully.

What we learned

1.) Calling rest APIs via threading in java. 2.)Implementation of google maps via google API key. 3.) Logics of solar and ML algorithm. 4.)Better understanding of solar parameters. 5.)Optimal angle variation in AR.

What's next for SOLAR_REIGN

To implement our solution all over the world through which users can make better use of it for saving the environment.

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