Help further Toronto's sustainability goals by accelerating the access of solar water heaters.

What it does

Providing the the Toronto Atmospheric Fund a tool that facilitates their goal of providing solar water heaters to potential homeowners in the Toronto area.

How we built it

Django web framework, accessing the Toronto Open Data API for solar water heater licensing information. Pull data from the JSON response and list it on a webpage. As of submission we are trying to feed this information into Google Maps API to create a mapped diagram of properties across the city.

Challenges we ran into

Toronto Open Data API was not well documented and required a lot of data massaging to utilize.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were finally able to isolate the data we needed and created a concatenated list that was rendered on HTML as well as prepared to pass into Google's API

What we learned

Use of Open APIs in web frameworks and rendering of webpages through a MVC (model view controller) system.

What's next for Solar Water Heater webpage

If we were to take this further, we would like to finish the map integration. Furthermore, we would like to add the ability to filter by address, implement a login/logout system and incentive/sale system to integrate into the Toronto Atmospheric Fund site.

to run locally please pip install django-google-maps package:

presentation can be found here:

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