Energy is the future. More and more, that future relies on community efforts toward sustainability, and often, the best form of accountability occurs within peer networks. That's why we built SolarTrack, a energy tracker app that allows Birksun users to connect and collaborate with like-minded members of their community.

In our app, the user profile reflects lifetime energy generated using Birksun, as well as a point conversion system that allows for the future development of gameified rewards. We also have a community map, where you can find a heatmap that describes where people generate the most energy using Birksun bags. In the future, this community map would also include nearby events and gatherings. Finally, there's the option to find family and friends and compete amongst them to accumulate the most points using Birksun bags.

Here's to building a greener future for wearable tech, one bag at a time!

Built With

  • birksun
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