Our Solar Self Checkout Marketplace is automated, fully integrated online marketplace to enable residential and commercial clients to convert to solar energy on their home or business without the need for sales consultation.


This project solves the Schneider Challenge and was inspired by the industry need for a fully automated platform to become a catalyst to speed up the adoption of solar energy. This project is also inspired by our own company’s (Dvinci) customer centric model and the desire to simplify the process from A-Z.

What it does

The platform has integrations to obtain consumer utility data, process the information to accurately design a system that is matched up with their usage, choose a variety of finance options from a variety of financiers, apply for option with credit check, choose a local installer, and schedule all site visits needed for assessment and installation. The platform provides a full customer facing interface that not only guides them through the process of going solar, but allows them to monitor their system, submit referrals and get paid for them, submit a commercial project, monitor their system, inquire about and initiate the process for battery storage for their system, and view a database of FAQ’s. As a dual use, installers can also utilize the platform to track data and become a registered vendor.

How we built it

Our integrations used to build this system includes UtilityAPI, Google Sunroof, PV Complete, Sunrun (Financier), Spruce (Financier), Mosaic (Financier), LoanPal (Financier), GreenSky (Financier), Dividend (Financier), Wunder Capital (Commercial Financier), 1st Light Energy Rhino (Installer Portal), DocUSign, and Salesforce. This platform has the capability to integrate will all the required financiers and install portals to fit any available market.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into the challenges of specific integrations for full automation as well as a time crunch to develop the full functioning system that the end product will be.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of our progress on the project of connecting the various API's and integrating the software to have accurate data flow.

What we learned

We learned that this will be a 3 month + project that we are excited to develop.

What's next for Solar Self Checkout Marketplace

The world will see!

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