I have taken bicycling as a new hobby and wanted to combine my older hobby of camping. Also was also an inspiration, although their trailers are not powered and are not campers.

What it does

It is a bicycle camper that cancels its heaviness by providing electrical assist up hills with solar charging.

How I built it- WIP

  1. Started by stripping bicycle.
  2. Test fitted stripped bicycle.
  3. Stripped scooter.
  4. Tested batteries and motors.
  5. Found mounting screws for motor.
  6. Measuring bicycle and motor for bracket.
  7. Mount motor.
  8. Test fitted bicycle with pallets and measured locations.
  9. Cut and mounted vertical supports.
  10. Test fitted padding.
  11. Mounted seat post to chassis.
  12. Test fitted batteries and controller.

Challenges I knew about

  1. Fitting motor to bicycle frame
  2. Fitting bicycle to camper
  3. hitch design
  4. popup connections

Challenges I ran into

  1. details, the devil is in the details
  2. sleep depravity makes the above challenge hellish and uncomfortable using power tools
  3. using devpost and other things with the above condition

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

none as of this edit

What I learned

the concept is easy, the execution is not

What's next for Solar Push Camper

I am planning to build a unit that can be tested in the field.

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