We were inspired by the recent advancements and innovations made in the field of technology. We wanted to integrate the newly-invented technology with education in order to expand the learning process into an immersive visual experience.

What it does

This model of the solar system, while not sized to scale (due to the impracticality of representing the planets' true sizes and distance from each other), is accurate in terms of time and speed, with each rotation and orbit accurately representing those of their real-life counterparts. It serves as an example of how education can be visualized using newer innovations in technology, such as virtual reality in this case.

How we built it

This model was heavily dependent on A-Frame, which provides a platform on which virtual-reality experiences can be produced within a webpage. In conjunction with HTML and Javascript, this dynamic experience was created on a HTML document. The specific time values associated with the rotation and orbit of each planet was calculated and represented on a more comprehensible scale.

Challenges we ran into

As we had no prior knowledge to working with A-Frame and virtual reality, we were forced to learn and work our way through various obstacles and issues, such as syntax and the animation of objects.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to proclaim that we have expanded into new fields of computer science beyond our comfort zones. We worked through our issues, and emerged successful. We are proud of the work that we created, as well the experiences that went into it.

What we learned

We learned how to program visual effects in virtual reality with A-Frame, as well as how to integrate virtual reality experiences into a webpage. Furthermore, we learned how to prioritize and manage our time, making sure we were able to complete the project efficiently and effectively.

What's next for Solar Learning

We hope to prove and example of how virtual reality can be integrated into an educational learning experience. We hope to visualize many more natural phenomena using A-Frame and virtual reality.

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