What is the idea?

Young generation is tech savvy and looking out to contribute into the clean revolution .But most of the young population doesn’t own a home and live in rental homes.This solution is aimed at such population who are looking to setup a community solar project by investing or managing such projects.The uniqueness in this solution is that it is aimed at bring tech reforms through a target segment which easily understands
Community solar in india has been successfully running in India and includes the rural and urban societies projects in rooftop solar.A no. of solar startups have partnered with Financial Institutions providing & implementing asset financing.We came up with idea to power such community solar projects running by solar companies with an end-to-end crowdsourcing platform.Users look into portfolios of projects listed; their ROIs, costs,impact and risk assessment.Description of community solar project is listed by the solar companies which facilitates the PV panels and manages the project.The vision of idea is to power up local communities with money & expertise to push them towards solar.

What is target segment and how will you engage? Tech savvy Millennials looking to setup a solar project in a community but do not own home themselves.

What is unique? Investments with a good return and an engaging cause is the answer to getting investments.

What problem does it solves? Solving the funding problem, bringing in awareness and action to solar implementation in both rural & urban solar rooftops

Which challenge & how? Taking the niche of challenge 2 which described the economics behind setting up a rooftop solar, we came up with a target segment focussed solution to bring in

Mother Earth is a shared resource, so why not find a way to share the responsibility of protecting the sustainability of our planet from a Clean Energy perspective. Crowdfunding has changed the existing paradigm, in allowing movements to unlock their cumulative potential.

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