Since childhood i always try to merge two problems to generate a solution. Problem 1: Space above roads cannot be used for buildings or anything. problem 2: Space requirement for solar energy. If we combine these two problems, we get a solution by installing solar panel structure above roads.

What it does

A two/multi legged modular portal stands above roads. Much like street lamp posts. The have solar panels in them. It collects energy and stores in rechargeable batteries. Electric cars are to be modified to use replaceable batteries so they can change batteries on the go for some cost.

How we built it

This is a concept based on available technologies. Not built ye.t

Challenges we ran into


Accomplishments that we're proud of

Zero carbon emission, climate change reversal, profitable business model for common people..

What we learned


What's next for Solar energy in roads

Globalizing the concept of "solar roads" and standardisation of replaceable batteries in electric cars used worldwide. I hope to Do a partnership with renouned company "Enelx" for this. I am actally waiting for their approval of my concept. Hoston can be the first place it is built and shown the world how it can be done.

Built With

  • energy
  • solar
  • structre
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