We notice how most buildings around campus didn't have any form of renewable energy connected. We wanted a tool to help the the administration to decide the most cost efficient solution to equip all buildings with solar panels, because we wanted to encourage the school to go greener. Hopefully the program encourages the adoption of more newable energy.

What it does

It takes live meta data from OSIsoft and visualizes it. Then it calculates the solar efficient of every building using several parameters taken directly from meters across campus. It outputs this data in pleasant and simply way for administration and utility managers. It shows key parameters like percent of power saved by outfitting a building using solar panels and estimated total energy saved in a year.

How I built it

Built using node, R, and excel. We used the API to pull the problem directly into our program and then used the values from the database to run our calculations. After calculating the key data, we formatted the information in a way that was easy to understand and easy on the eyes such as a graph with a key of numbers underneath.

Challenges I ran into

We initially had problems pulling the data from the OSIsoft due to limitation and bug imposed on the internet browser we were using, but thanks to the help of the representative here from OSIsoft they were able to release a hotfix for google chrome. We had challenges in working with the data because some key parameters were not easily accessible in the API and required a separate function call to pull, but we were able to overcome this challenge after learning more about the API.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Using a new API to develop, making new and long last friendships. We were proud to be able to be apart of a greater common solutions to the worlds problems. We were able to meet great people from great companies and get advice from people who face similar struggles.

What I learned

how to integrate an API, node and R syntax, and working through individual challenges to come to a common goal. We learned that sometimes you can't just stare at a problem for hours and have to think outside the box to solve technical problems.

What's next for Solar Efficiency Calculator

Hopefully will can adopt the program to allow other campuses or business people to allow them to see how much money they could possibly save while helping the environment by investing in renewable energies.

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