Trying to build something that may be used in real projects , in so little time and how this events are organised triggered our curiosity.

What it does

The website application works as a questionnaire for the client, it get's his location (with the client's consent) and sends the developer information such as the client's home position and the weather in that area. The questions are focused on the client's type of property, roof type and material, amount of money per year on bills and so on. In the end of the questionnaire , the website app shows the client the predicted amount of savings based on the client's answer.

How I built it

WE, me and my teammate, firstly focused on what the challenge requested and joined our ideas to create a simple website app in such a short time. The calculations are based on 2018-2020 statistics on how much a person in Germany (we took it as an example for our application) spends on bills yearly in a 1-Person, 2-3-Person Household or more. Also we searched how much solar panels could save per year on electricity and that was 20% of the yearly paid bill. Other questions were based on the information the developer and Enpal should know about the client's property to offer him the best solution for his investment.

Challenges I ran into

Not being able to implement all our ideas. Difficulty at coding with a new programming language and new framework.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We didn't quit!!

What I learned

It is best to try something now than to regret later, when the possibility won't be there anymore.

What's next for Solar Calculator for Enpal

We hope it will be used in a real project or there will be another project alike where we can expand it with the extra ideas that we had but couldn't implement in such a short time.

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