NFTs are a foreign concept to many. To easily demonstrate what they are, I created a paint canvas allowing you to create an NFT on Solana (and IPFS) in one click, demonstrating the ease and low cost of Solana (as compared to paying $100 to mint on Open Sea).

Neat, but still kinda boring. So, I created a timed multiplayer drawing game where the winner is permitted to mint a one-of-one NFT of their drawing to their Solana Wallet.

From there, they can be sold on an Solana NFT marketplace that support's Metaplex's Token Metadata standard.

I was inspired by Austin Griffith's, Jackbox Games, and the devilishly fun game Cards of Humanity.

What it does

PLAY WITH FRIENDS: Compete against friends in a timed contest draw the best meme on our Paint Editor. ~~ OR ~~ OR, DRAW ALONE: Draw artwork and mint a 1-of-1 NFT, backed up onto IPFS.

How we built it

I had to figure out how to mint one-of-one NFTS that followed the Metaplex Metadata standard without using their Candy Factory code. This does not exist yet (or at least, I couldn't find it), so I had to more manually created the token, turn it into an NFT, and then register the metadata in one transaction.

For storing the art, I used IPFS, an immutable content-addressable database.

For the game, I used websockets for real-time game updates and React/Typescript.

Challenges we ran into

Interacting with the Metadata program. Token minting was made easier via easy-spl, a new library by Daniel Holmgren.

What's next for

I could push it to Mainnet and improve the design (with a designer).

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