## Inspiration Our inspiration is crypto/open-source mindset and accessibility for almost no fees(or really low) to anyone. We did it at the beginning of the project with an airdrop of the SAIL max Supply. We will open-sourced all our developments and coming development.

## What it does First part of the project is our TipSailBot for Discord. It's a simple and easy to use bot which allow any discord members of a server(with a specific role) to tip and receive tips. Because it will be open-sourced any team who built on Solana can update and use it for their discord/SPL token. The only 'SolanaSail' we included inside the code is a requirement of 1 SAIL and 1 gSAIL to be able to tip other discord members.

## How we built it Using Node.js, web3.js

## Challenges we ran into The main challenge was to not store the user private keys on file or database, reason why at each bot restart the user need to re-import his private key or register a new tipsailbot wallet.

## Accomplishments that we're proud of TipSailBot users get their private keys from the bot when he register a new tipsailbot wallet, then this private key could be imported in a Phantom, Sollet, C98, MathWallet.... That way the user has control on his tipsailbot wallet. We do not store on file or database the private keys.

## What we learned The most sensible security part is the import-wallet, members has to import private keys by DM the tipsailbot and for that reason we have restricted and encouraged to restrict the usage of this command to discord specific roles(setup in the config file).

What's next for SolanaSail

Completion of our tipsailbot integration in our discord battleship game(on going). Then after more playtoearn game could be developed(Poker, BlackJack....), the governance DAO will proposed and decide. A governance DAO platform using part of Mango DAO Governance code.

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