We are looking to create a super advance solution for sending and receiving digital currency.
We want to create a Special way to allow Users to send and receive digital payments across the globe between businesses, friends, families, relations etc. This application is just a sample of what we have in mind....

What it does

It allow Transfer of Digital Currency to and from various Solana Wallets, send and accept digital payments globally and keep track of transactions done in Real-time.

Steps to Follow:

1.)You can Register as a Sender or Receiver via Status. Though the Status does not matter.

2.)When you register, the application automatically generate you a Solana Wallets Address both (Public Keys and Private/Secret Keys) via Solana web3.js

If you already have Solana Public Key Address that you want to use, you can update it within our application by going to Application Menu, Click Edit Solana Wallets.

3.) You can Send and Receive Digital Payments to and from any Solana Public Key Addresses.

4.) To send Payments, The Sender should use its Solana Public Keys and Secret Key Pair. we integrated Payments Transactions using Solana Web3js

Note that we Plan to integrate Solana Payments Wallets Adapter for Better Security.

Whenever a Sender sends, SOL payments to the reciever, an Email is sent to the Reciever to inform her about the Transactions

5.)You can track all your sent and received payments directly from the application dashboard.

6.) To always Check your Solana Account Balance and Infos click Check Your Solana Account Details options

How we built it

1.) Solana Digital Payments Gateways via Web3js
2.) Email Services for alerting Recipients about any Payments Transactions
3.) Php, Mysql, Ajax, Jquery

Challenges we ran into

Solana is very easy to Integrate

What's next for Solana POS

1.) Moving the entire applications to React
2.)Integrating Solana Wallets Payments Adapter and Removal of Sending Payments via Solana Secret/Private Keypairs
3.) Adding Payments Search Engine, Dynamic Payments Calendar Tracking, Data Pagination and overall app design.
4.) More features to be integrated.

Built With

  • email-services
  • mysql
  • php
  • solana-web3-payments
  • solana-webjs
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