IPFS currently is the biggest decentralized storage network which is widely used by Web3 projects, including Uniswap Interface, Sushiswap DApp, Balancer DApp, Polkadot Apps and most of the NFT-projects(like Flow/HashMasks). Crust Network is a decentralized storage network based on IPFS, users can freely use IPFS storage without restrictions and receive quick confirmation from Crust's blockchain-based incentive layer. Crust now provides users and developers with 6,000+ IPFS nodes and approx. 2,000 Petabytes of available storage capacity. With the background, we want to build Solana Files which allows Solana users to easily store files on Crust IPFS Network.

What it does

Solana Files is a decentralized storage project which allows Solana users to upload their files to IPFS W3Auth Gateway and pin their files on Crust Network by using the standard IPFS W3Auth Pinning Service. This project is a 100% IPFS-compatible file storage project, users can pin NFT files, host DeFi DApps, store on-chain data or host GameFi in a totally DECENTRALIZED way(guaranteed by Crust protocol).

How we built it

Basically, we built 3 things:

  1. IPFS Solana-Authed Gateway, which supports the authentication of Solana signature based on IPFS Public Gateway. This function allows Solana user to upload their data to remote IPFS FREELY;
  2. IPFS Solana-Authed Pinning Service, which supports the authentication of Solana signature based on IPFS Pinning Service. This function allows Solana users to pin their data to Crust Network in a decentralized way;
  3. Solana Files, a frontend page provides easy UI for Solana users.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. We provide standard IPFS storage for all Solana users and devs;
  2. Our storage plan is totally decentralized, every single file will be stored by 100+ IPFS nodes around the world;
  3. Our storage plan can easily be integrated with Solana NFT/DeFi/GameFi projects, which can provide fundamental storage functions for those projects, help them to become more decentralized and distributed.

What's next for Solana Files

  • Milestone 1:: We'll deploy a storage contract, which provides Deposit and Release functions, and Solana Files will require users to deposit some SOL token to use the storage function.
  • Milestone 2: We'll deploy a charging contract, which provides a Charge function, and Solana files will charge users SOL tokens for the storage function.

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