We want to bring all the Buyers and Sellers of Digital Artworks Collectible together directly on Solana.

We built an NFT E-commerce Digital Applications that allow users to buy and sell Digital Artworks Collectibles. Each Seller will be able to own a Shop/Sales Page, publish and Sale its digital products from the application General Markets Page and from his/her own Sales Page created within the applications powered by Solana Payments Gateways and Pinata Inter Planetary Files Storage System( IPFS)

What it does

Steps on How It Works:

1.)You can Register as a Buyer or Seller

2.)When you register, the application automatically generate you a Solana Wallets Address both (Public Keys and Private/Secret Keys) via Solana web3.js

If you already have Solana Public Key Address that you want to use, you can update it within our application by going to Application Menu, Click More-->Edit Solana Wallets.

3.)To Own a Sales Page or a Shop, The Seller First need to Create a Sales Page. The Sales Page will allow a Seller to Update his Site Banner and all Hers Business Information's and Contacts.

Here is an example of my own sales page link:

Any one with this sales page link will be able to visit , view, comments and buy from all your published digital products on the applications. You can increase your sales by sharing the sales page links to your Friends, Facebook,Instagram. Whatsapp, Email etc

4.)All digital Products in this applications are stores on Pinata IPFS Blockhain so the Seller should be able to register with pinata ( ) and then obtain its Pinata api keys and secrets which needs to be updated within our applications in order to be able to store digital files in its own account. In future, we will also like to integrate Awearve Blockchain Storage so that Users will have two Digital Files Storage options

5.) To add/publish a products, Click Add Products and entered all the required products Data. Each Products Text are Stored in Database while the Digital Files are stored in Pinata IPFS Blockchain.

All Published Digital Goods will appear on the General Market Place and on your own Sales Page thus increasing your chances for more digital Sales.

Each Buyer can review each of your published products and can comments on it.

To Increase sales for each published digital products, You can Run Email Campaign for that Products. Thus the Application will automatically send Email Broadcast to all buyers in the application and all Contacts in your Contacts list. The Email will send your Sales Page Links to the said Users to help increase your products awareness and maximize sales.

6.) You can add more customer contacts by using Add Contacts options.

7.) To buy Products, The Buyer should use its Solana Public Keys and Secret Key Pair. we integrate Payments Transactions using Solana Web3js

Note that we Plan to integrate Solana Payments Wallets Adapter for Better Security.

Whenever a Buyer Made a Purchase, SOL payments is sent to the Seller and an Email is sent to the Buyer to Download his Purchased Digital Artworks directly from Pinata IPFS

8.)To view all yours sales click My Sales

9.) To always Check your Solana Account Balance and Infos click Check Your Solana Account Details options

How we built it

1.) Solana Digital Payments Gateways via Web3js
2.) Pinata for Digital Files Storage on Blockchain
3.) Php, Mysql, Ajax, Jquery

Challenges we ran into

Solana is very easy to Integrate

What's next for Solana Digital Commerce

1.) Moving the entire applications to React
2.)Integrating Solana Wallets Payments Adapter and Removal of Products Purchase via Solana Secret/Private Keypairs
3.) Adding Products Search Engine, Data Pagination and overall app design.
4.) More features to be integrated.

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