VALUE PROPOSITION OF THE SOLALAMBO PROJECT Defi service showed unprecedented growth and acceptance with a large

number of projects in 2020. Despite the interest shown by customers in these

projects, Defi services are not perfectly stable. Defi needs to seek a way to

implement a cryptocurrency-based payment solution to settle in reality.

As a matter of fact, recent Defi service systems have two structural

problems: expensive transaction fees and execution time delay. As so, it is true

that users are burdened with time and money. Customers desire fast and cheap

execution. These issues are undermining the potential value of Defi services,

stability and the convenience of transactions, which are significant factors in


To overcome the limitations of current Defi service systems, we propose a

novel project; SOLALAMBO. SOLALAMBO is a project borrowing Serum’s GUI on the

SOLALAMBO’s existing business. Combining the strengths of Serum network and

Solana blockchain, SOLALAMBO can be presented as a vision to these days Defi

problem. Customers using SOLALAMBO-based DEX can possibly obtain the speed, price,

and user experience (UX), that they anticipate from the centralized exchange. Also,

perfect cross-chain function support customers to exchange various

cryptocurrency such as BTC, ETH, ERC20, SPL tokens, etc. Solana allows you

to directly trade cryptocurrencies without complicated steps or procedures, so you

can effectively overcome the hindrances of the current Defi system.

2.3. Other features

✓ Swap: As SOLALAMBO enables the interoperability between token to token,

there is no need for Third Party to manage the swap. This novel ability is

the main potential compared to other Defi protocols.

✓ Orderbook: A decentralized automated full limit orderbook

  • Unlike the AMM, SOLALAMBO will offer full control of orders to traders.

  • The orderbook and matching are fully automated on-chain

transactions with high security and transparency.

✓ ETH Integration: DXL platform can be interoperable with the Ethereum

ecosystem based ERC 20 tokens.

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