We wanted to create a way to use technology to find the most attractive solar markets in the country and display it in an attractive way.

How it works

We use the Genability API and the Nrel API to collect data on counties. We sort counties based on their DNI (direct normal irradiance) and by average annual cost for residents.

Challenges I ran into

Consumption Genability's API was difficult do to it being so new. We were able to eventual get it work but it ate up a good deal of our time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Able to get to our MVP in less than 8 hours.

What I learned

Learned new technologies such as D3.js and new API's. We also learned about a whole new industry that none of us had any previous experience in.

What's next for Sol Mate

Apply data to all counties across the country and deploying a live version of the app.

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