I play Sokoban since 1984. I want to make Sokoban product. When I look this contest, I decide to make sokobot.

What it does

sokobot tell you NEW Sokoban info. Info is Sokoban stage and minimum steps.

Sokoban reboot(?) from 2015. Sokoban Touch release by iOS and Android.

NOW Sokoban is Refresh!!

How I built it

I already made kintone Product. And, I already made Lambda Product. BUT, I don't know slack.

I feel easy, slack to API Gateway.

sokobot console is made by kintone.

Challenges I ran into

.. slack conect to API Gateway

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I have received the data from the development company of Sokoban

What I learned

.. API Gateway connect to Lambda. This console page is many change, so I re-learned...

What's next for sokobot

Now I plannning "sokoban solver". This solver solved many stage. ...and suggenstion to sokoban beginner.

Built With

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