Get inspire from mentor Larson to choose unity, and finally choose Sokoban.

What it does

Basically like the classical sokoban


And I build it into 3D version with unity.

Using WSADQE: W - forward S - backward A - left D - right Q - upward E - downward

How I built it

Learn Unity and C# first. Used some free model from Unity market.

Challenges I ran into

Understanding the detail of c# and Unity. Like the array operation in c# is different with Java and C++.

Also have trouble with Canvas, UI, Physical engine, render size in Unity. But finally find solutions for each problem.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Build this game without any experience in C# and Unity and game development in 24 hours. Learning lots of new things and start the first step of C# develpment.

What I learned

C#, Unity

What's next for Sokoban 3D

Built With

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