Problem space

Build financial wellbeing for Post-COVID world


Financial Literacy is a human right. Most adults in the U.S. are living in financial disaster as aged 18+ report having an average of $29,800 in personal debt and more than one in five have less than $5,000 saved for retirement, and 15% had no retirement savings in 2019. At Sokett, we can solve this from Zoomers by automating financial literacy with affordable financial planner 24/7 available from your phone.

What it does

Create budgets for everything including debts, savings, retirement funds, and etc. It helps you stay on track for your budgets and financial goals with assistance over SMS.

How I built it

Serve web application with Ruby on Rails, and integrate SMS-based conversational interface with Google Dialogflow/Pytroch and potentially Blockchain ledger with Hyperledger fabric.

Challenges I ran into

Technical challenges with Plaid API and coding with Python. I also want to meet and talk to more customer prospects.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I joined as a solo hacker and formed a team, and hacked together for the first time, and made something working!

What I learned

Savings will solve most of the problems

What's next for Sokett, budgeting automation for financial wellbeing

Get a prize and invited to the interview with YC.

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