Intel Hackathon – 2017 Location – Visakhapatnam, India Team - Michiel Zwerus and Shanmukh Gudivada

More about us:

Shanmukh Gudivada - Project Developer

A marvellous idea for automating the process of watering the plants in the farms. This concept was originally raised following the difficulties seen in India due Droughts. This workaround solution will surely help to overcome this problem and automate the solution.

IOT for Monitoring Soil Data Energy-Efficient Soil Monitoring and Analysis

Issue: Droughts World Wide/Dry Crop Lands - In the news encountered devastating crop fields in Africa, and India. Many countries need soil (land) data of fertile soil to build efficient crop/agricultural lands.

Our Solution: We have the solution to monitor soil, where land is fertile, or land becoming arid soil, caused by droughts, we can collect data in the soil for the farmers, school crop gardens and government land, or your garden.

Our mission: Offer a Basic IOT setup instruction so that people can build this in any country, to monitor & improve the soil for growing crops, with several soil improvement methods.

Components Required:

1) Arduino 101/Arduino Uno 2) Soil Moisture Sensor 3) Single Channel Relay Module 4) Base Shield (if available) 5) Connecting Cables (if required for base shield) 6) Female/Male to Male/Female Jumper Cables 7) Piezo Buzzer 8) Red & Blue LED’s 9) Water Pump 10) Pipes 11) Water Container 12) Soil Container


With data of the soil, people can use the data to start making arid land fertile again with automatic water irrigation and make the soil wet and fit for farming again. By using data of soil moisture content, an automatic water irrigation/watering crops machine can be controlled. This results in better management of the right water quantity usage and less wasting water. E.g. Plants in your garden.

Why This?

  • People can build this anywhere(at a farm, home backyard, school crop garden).
  • Saves water for crop soil with efficient water irrigation solution..
  • Make arid land fertile in efficient method when required, water can mix fertilizer as well ,(or use Nano clay mix into water).
  • Easy to scale from small gardens to large land plots.
  • Versatile use for soil in house type plants (or)outside crop garden.
  • Great for high school programs and crop grow education.
  • Low in price to build and CO2 friendly projects with green plants (approx. costs 70 - 100$).

What we do with funds and prize money

1) Expand team students for building IOT soil monitoring 2) Gather more schools to join our Grow Pro Hero project in Rushikonda and other cities in India 3) Expand and hire team for backend website, app 4) Build more mini greenhouse for school crop 5) Improve rainwater collection and storage rainwater for crop garden 6) Expand crop types (wheat's, peppers, carrots, lettuce, apples, watermelons, strawberries) 7) Invite government people to show the Grow Pro Hero project 8) Build campaign schools collect rainwater and build crop fields 9) Invite greenhouse farmers to Grow Pro Hero project 10) Invite team for Nano clay applications in Rushikonda (large farmland per hectare) 11) Expand sources for collecting rainwater, natural water sources for gardening school 12) Expand sales products and services, e.g. sell soil IOT kit items and service

Market Analysis Summary The market research company Organic Monitor estimates the global market for organic food to have reached 81.6 billion US dollars in 2015 (approximately 75 billion euros) 43.7 million hectares of agricultural land are organic (including conversion areas). 2.3 million producers were reported, more than three quarters are in developing countries.

Target Market Segment Strategy What product vs. market? We started with School crop field in Rushikonda, and build 1 IOT setup for Rushikonda, India at the moment (near the school of Shan) in the future we put large Nano clay applications with IOT at the school crop yard. And plan to develop school crop field in several locations. We call our project “Grow Pro Hero” and we can use IOT data solutions for soil monitoring with Nano clay or without (use organic fertilizer, organic plant nutrients as coffee grounds from school cafeteria mix) for building the optimal school crop field. Our main focus is on premise locations as schools, greenhouse farmers, with rainwater and electricity power lines available. Market Needs (India, and other warm climate countries) Driver, more need for fertile bio crop soil, needed due to droughts, and more food needed for growing population

Why you and your school should join the Grow Pro Hero program? -New school crop funded by students, low price up to almost free crops for lunch -Income funding to stimulate eco friendly projects, reduce CO2 -Develop student jobs

Why students should join? -Fun IOT education with school/after school -Income part-time job -Great project start-up, good experience for Curriculum Vitae -Co create better healthy food and environment

Business Participants

Michiel Zwerus promotes (team Ole is CEO, Chris COO en Kristian CTO) Finished school/research centre Ismailia Egypt, China and Pakistan by desert control with Nano clay Competitive Edge Expertise IOT use combined with a partner and their patented Nano clay technology. With their education they offer expertise in IOT expertise with Engineering Background.

Shanmukh Gudivada A Pro Gamer and Engineering Student Pursuing Computer Science and Engineering. Well adhered with technology and well-trained in IOT Development. Self-Taught and a budding Entrepreneur. Well-trained in Marketing and Analytics, Digital-Marketing and Business Enthusiast.

Marketing Strategy

Promotion Strategy

Crowd fund with help of school students Online Vlogging for brand awareness

Positioning Statement

Crop Fields, School Garden, Backyard Garden, Greenhouse farmers Agricultural land India / other warm climate countries Pricing Strategy

Start low with commission for memberships, slowly increase later on with expanding extra services. Pledge donations/buy school crop membership land 10$, 20&, 50$ Sales Strategy

Use student networks for funnel funds to crop fields for schools and help farmers (sell memberships to family, friends). Raise donations with crowd funding...

We would like to thank Intel and partners to make this competition available.

We are currently working out on a Wireless Model of this concept. We hope to release it soon.

Thank You

Built With

  • arduino
  • buzzer
  • genuino
  • hydorogmeter
  • led
  • relay
  • rgb-lcd
  • water-pump
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