The difficulty of calculating and interpreting immunization coverage rates often stems from problems related to estimating the size of the target population. This in turn, are the result of inaccurate or outdated census counts, population migrations, and unforeseen changes in birth rates or infant mortality. With the help of information and technology, data of individuals can be collected and records will be up to date.

What it does

Support immunization exercise carried out in Nigeria. • Research, identify, understand and gather information related to immunization.

How we built it

This project was achieves by developing an application. This Application was designed in such a way that it will accept user data and keep record of that user which will be used to monitor immunization coverage and dropout rate and will be use to verify the user during immunization exercise. A biometric data (Fingerprint) of the user will be collected and recorded and will be used for unique identification/verification during the exercise. On the other hand, Scheduled date for immunization exercise and other important information such as a sudden disease outbreak will be updated by health officials on the system for users to view and be notified on time. Some unified modeling language (UML) diagrams was used to design the system architecture. The system was implemented withPhp and MySQL (as the database) as the backend.

Challenges we ran into

Writing a correct and efficient algorithm for getting defaulters, dropout ,defaulters rate, dropout rate and integrating it with the bulk sms api.

What we learned

We learned to work as a team, managing project, and working together with some health worker in other to understand the problems and how we can solve it, let us learned allot on immunization and it importance.

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