The legislation system is a core part of the government, but because of how many bills and hearings there are, it can be immensely difficult to keep track of them all. We were inspired to make an application that would make it easier to do this whilst providing the level of detail prior applications gave.

What it does

Obtain real-time information on DOE impacted legislative measures, incorporates a Google Calendar feature to notify desired individuals on assigned measures, and manage testimony workflows

How we built it

We utilized Firebase, next.js, GitHub, and Typescript to form a backend database, API fetches, collaboration, and overall UI.

Challenges we ran into

Challenges included cloud functions and building upon better

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud to have been able to take /scrape data from bills and hearings to be applicable to users desiring to search for such.

What we learned

We learned fundamentals of Firebase, cloud functions, Typescript, API utilization, and UI designing.

What's next for Software Billders

Currently, this application works with data from Hawaii, but in the future, we want to make a system that makes it easier for legislators from all over the country to input their data into this application. Furthermore, we want to make it even easier to track bills and hearings, by possibly adding notifications or better calendar implementations.

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