The success of the ICT in developping countries and the transfer of EST technologies implies the transfer of knowledge and assistance for the utilisation, the management and application of these technologies. the result is being obtained with the integration of the high technology proceeding from abroad with local knowledge and the low technology found in the country of use. The transfer is reinforced when the direct foreign investment is significantly higher than overseas development aid. The transfer requires both the financial support of donor countries and developmenet agencies and also initiatives and investment by the privat sector. The most efficient way to stimulate private companies to commit themselves to so-called, eco-efficiency and clean production is to convinve them that investment in this sector will result in greater market competitiveness. There is enormous potential for development in the field of spreading information about ESTs, and the existence of a network of information and assessments of ESTs takes on particular significance in the realm of professional formation and capacity building in reciever countries. Financial recovery can be supported and accompanied by integrated environmental policies as a factor of internal quality and external competition of the country system in the community context with a significant impact on the employement situation

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