It has become increasingly difficult and expensive for small to medium sized businesses to acquire POS systems to receive contactless payments.

There are not enough POS devices to satisfy the current demand.

Delays in getting updates and replacement hardware when there are any hardware issues.

COVID-19 related risks makes shipping hardware more tedious and time-consuming.

Logistics involved in delivering, installing and maintaining POS hardware at merchant locations.

What it does

-Transform any android NFC enabled Android device into a SoftPoS, enabling registered merchants to easily receive card payments

-Unlimited licenses = unlimited mobile SoftPoS terminals - no hardware costs

-Regular and seamless updates – easier to maintain

-Elimination of implementation related logistics and shipping

-Contactless payments inline with globally recommended technology and health requirements

-Digital receipts

-Biometric authentication for enhanced security and accountability

How we built it

-Java for Android -EMVCo card payments kernel (for Visa and Mastercard) -MySQL -Google Cloud Services

  • R -JavaScript -C

Challenges we ran into

-Integrating diverse platforms into formats easily accessible from mobile devices -Integrating into 3rd party platforms -Formatting the app to be easily usable by everyone with even the most basic skill-set

  • Integrating our platform with different acquirers in different countries

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-Getting a fully functional, multi-faceted platform that provides a complete business management and point of Sale tool in-line with current demands into a mobile device

-Recognition from Visa and Mastercard, making us accredited service Providers

What we learned

-The payments business is very complex indeed

What's next for SoftPoS Business and Payments Manager

-Integrating our platform to Acquirer and payment processing platforms and making our app available to merchants globally at the most cost effective rates, while continuously enhancing our platform to constantly add more value to business owners

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