I came to this hackathon wanting to be more educated about how APIs work and how I can learn use them in an example. I came to then learn about Representational state transfer or RESTful API calls which pretty much allows an application to talk to other entities. So I decided to make a simple implementation using the Softheon API.

What it does

All it does right now is take your credit card information and use it to make payments. But the capabilities of the Softheon are endless.

How I built it

I used mostly Java for the Front and the Backend simply because I was trying to learn a new concept (Which I did!). I also used the Apache libraries to gain HTTP control so I could make the RESTful API calls and then parse through the information.

Challenges I ran into

I started by making the API calls through the terminal and thought that must be the way. Using Curl worked but then I thought that it was the correct way to do it from my application, boy was I wrong. I spent hours trying to look up fixes and ways to do it, but I realized that the way I was doing it was inefficient and I kept moving my these words known as POST and GET. I later then used a tool to verify my post/get calls and then I fully implemented it in my application.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Pretty much figuring out how to be able to use the most common standard for creating new applications with already existing tools.

What I learned

It's only my second year in college and I think that sometimes I over pace myself in thinking that I am not learning enough, but I now know that with enough time and dedication anything is possible.

What's next for Softheon Payment (API Tester)

I made it really easy to implement a face ID type thing where I can verify the users face as a layer of security before making payments, in fact the functionality is already there its just that I had trouble importing the libraries onto my IDE due to some path error that I was encountering, but no worries, it will get done. I can also make it more like existing peer to peer transaction applications but with more added security because with IPs like Venmo or Squarecash there does not feel a sense of security when making payments. I can also expand this to use other APIs to increase its functionality for other things because I now know how to use the most common standard for APIs

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