The sunhacks demo on the discord bots.

What it does

Shows a grid of pokemon and allows user to click on a pokemon to get more info on it like Name and Base Stats.

How we built it

Android Studio and using pokemon data from pokemon.json.

Challenges we ran into

Not an expert at Android Studio so what I had planned and what I completed didn't quite add up. Didn't have time to complete a video.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

There is a working app, you can click on a Pokemon and its unique data will be displayed.

What we learned

Making discord bots is cool, pokemon is great, completing an idea you come up with a few hours before the deadline is destined to fail!.

What's next for SunhacksPokedex

add an ability to compare pokemon and rank pokemon with flags for certain types/counters. Include ability to link to the discord bot so caught pokemon are stored in the app/pokedex.

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