The anonymity that online social media provides is often misused by many to harass other users. The porblem is so commonplace and rampant that in a survey 6 out 10 people claimed to have faced some form of harassment online with women and memebers of certain ethnic and racial being the most vulnerable targets. Any mechanism that can help to document and identify offenders would be a deterrent against this.

What it does

The application is a combination of a chrome plugin , mobile app and a custome made backend service and api that is open and can be integrated with any application. THe chrome pulgin tracks abusive tweets on twitter and asssigns user handles a score that we call the "SocioScore" this is measure of how poilte they are on twitter. The plugin scraps the twitter page, and sends the tweets on the page to the backend service and figure out if the tweet is absuive in nature and flags abusive users and block ausbive tweets. It also dynamically adds a score to the twitter handle.

The mobile app which uses the same backend service alerts people if the caller is know to be a habitiual harasser in a way like trucaller but instead of spam shows the "SocioScore".

How I built it

We decided to provide this as a REST-API service so that it can be used as a platform to develop various other applications. The whole application has been splitted into a nodejs REST API project, chrome plugin and android application. The chrome plugin and android application that consume the REST APIs. REST API is built using nodejs with POSTGRES AWS as database.

Challenges I ran into

  1. Scalablity issues.
  2. Since the stack is very deep we had latency issues which we solved using caching techniques.
  3. Few of us are very new to the stack used. ## Accomplishments that I'm proud of Building a chrome pulgin and an android app that use the banckend services we built from scratch over the day and a half. Making the backend services open and free so that it can integrated with any other application.

What I learned

Desigining a chrome pulgin, android app and using AWS

What's next for socioscore

Since SocioScore has been built as a REST API service, it can be extended to other platforms like facebook and other social networks. This can be used similar to the credit score of finance world.

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