I took inspiration from google and gmail. I always wanted to build a search engine for myself, as using other search engine may not be secure and there are cookies and privacy concerns on other search engine like edge or brave etc. So here it is. In addition to this I have also implemented email function. The main purpose of it is to encourage open letter/email. A new concept that I was thinking off, where people can write an open letter/email that can be accessed by others.

What it does

It is a normal search engine like other search engines, but more secure and private. The email function is also something new with the main aim of connecting more people to write open letters. I implemented this feature for mainly introverts, like me, so that we/they can open up more.

How I built it

I built it using ReactJS Material UI, Redux, Firebase and Google Search API.

Challenges I ran into

Time management was the biggest problem. But I think that it is something that everyone has to go through on a hackathon. I made this in a totalof 17 hrs(straight) and now I'm going to take a break, with the hope to win :)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of making a complete app in such a short span of time. I started in reverse, with the main objective to build a open letter forum, but then went on to implement it as a search engine(which was pretty fun)

What I learned

I learned redux and using google api. And for the very first time I hosted a website on a domain. Earlier I used to host it on firebase, which was very easy. But now I know how to host your project from firebase and manage it super easily.

What's next for Sociominati

I want to enhance the layout and make the theme and UI more appealing to people. I will also add the broken stuff that is still left in my app.

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