Did you ever wish you could get all your favorite social networking sites at one place; browse through them without having to go through the trouble of visiting their individual websites or if you are a business person how easier it would be to just see all your marketing campaigns and your social networking accounts on one intuitive, analytical, consolidated yet non-messy platform.

Socioboard is one such a social media management platform which will allow you to manage the multiple social networking sites on a single platform. The sites that would be integrated with this application are: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google+.

For an individual, it could be an efficient and effective tool to manage one’s presence on various social sites. For a company, brand, or social media marketing agency, this could provide social media analytics solution to gauge the fan influence and engagement and thus increase its RoI on Social Media Marketing.

For this competition, I am presenting my personal social data to comply with the competition regulations. However, this software can be used by any individual/agency/enterprise.

Here are the login credentials:

Url: http://woosuite.socioboard.com/Login.aspx

User id: pbpraveen@globussoft.com Password: globussoft

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