Socio - We all wish to talk to people we see in coffee shops, Co-working, lounges, etc

Socio is a new insanely cool social network that lets you connect with people of different professions, Interests sitting in the same cafe!

Wondering How?

Just go to Cafe, take out your phone - “TAP” on the app & keep your phone back in your pocket, enjoy your food!

Now 90 minutes later you get access to the Cafe chatroom - see all people who were there in the cafe at that time with you & tapped

You can then send waves & start chatting with people you bumped into today in the cafe

Fact is: You cant go to cafes every day, Socio knows that! So now when you go out you can Invite your friends to cafe chatrooms & When they go out to some cafe, they can invite you to Chatroom!

Users can invite friends from any city / Country to cafe chatrooms. People invited will have a nominated tag on their profile with a link to the invitee's profile.

CHECKOUT FULL PROJECT HERE: https://septicemic-heats.000webhostapp.com/index.html

Domain Name Registered: www.hisocio.tech (But unfortunately we were unable to host our site on these domains)

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