As programmers and gamers, we have long wished to create a project that would allow us to combine our respective strengths. We've seen and played a lot of games on web2 and web3. What was cool about web3 games is that they were community owned and everything was focused around the communities. We wanted to build something that resonated with this idea.

What it does

Socio Funverse is small fun world game, where user can play missions, talk with each other, visit other user's fun world and talk. With this game user can earn ERC-20 game token, purchase in game coins with CoinEx and utilize coins to buy in-game item as NFT-1155 and can be utilised in fun world

How we built it

We build it using unity game engine with help of web3 library, metamask wallet to authenticate users, firebase to save user data, photon engine to create metaverse and multiplayer mechanism and some logic, code and magic of our team


  • Multiplayer in metaverse game - fun fight with other players , play game missions, create your own fun world
  • Decentralized finance system (DeFi) with in-app items with CoinEx
  • Daily game reward as ERC-20 token
  • NFT 1155 as game fun world item
  • Voice chat with other online players to interact

Challenges we ran into

  • Figuring out an economic model to make the treasury self-sustaining.
  • Finding the rights tools to build with.
  • Connecting the game with the smart contract.
  • Working on a Web3 project in general.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This whole project is an accomplishment for us. When we started out, we just had an idea of what we want the final product to look like with no clue about how we're going to go about building it. Slowly, everything started coming together and now here we are. In a matter of a couple of months, we've gone from ideation to implementation to completion.

What we learned

The only part of developing a P2E game is not the technical/graphical aspect of it. One of the most important things is the design of the virtual economy. It should be balanced and stop players from exploiting the game. There's a lot to learn about designing virtual economies.

What's next for Socio Funverse - Metaverse Game

  • Utilising game token in game and improve smart contract
  • Adding other elements to the game like characters, items etc
  • Continue optimizing until it's ready to be deployed on the Mainnet.

ERC-20 game token (CoinExToken) Smart Contract Address :

NFT-1155 and In-Game Purchase Smart Contract Address :

Built With

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