🦾 Inspiration

There are multiple occasions where people find it hard to arrange money to pay the hospital bills (immediate expenses in most cases). We thought of solving this problem by coupling it with general money-making events like auctions. In this way, we can help the poor and needy in their unexpected medical expenses. The product seller's publicity can also be amplified since people are more likely to contribute for a social cause than just for the sake of shopping.

💡 Solution

We propose a full stack web application which would serve as a bridge between public auctions and crowdfunding (specifically healthcare funding). The idea is to have an auction platform along with a crowdfunding platform such that the base auction amount of the auction will be directly transfered to the crowdfunding activity. Any sum higher than the base auction amount will be sent to the seller / creator of the product. Both seller(s) and patient(s) are beneficaries in this idea.

⚒️ Approach

👨‍💻 Tech Stack

  • Rapyd Wallet API
  • React JS
  • Firebase (Firestore & Storage)
  • Express.js
  • Node.js

📘 What we have learnt

Rapyd Wallet API is something really new and fascinating to learn. We haven't used much Fintech based APIs earlier. But, we feel that implementing solutions for fin-tech problems is now very much hassle-free because of the services provided by Rapyd API. We also learnt express.js on the go, which is also a great node package for server-side scripting.

🤔 What's next ?

  • Extending the crowdfunding platform for social & economical causes
  • Gamifying the platform to engage more users
  • Providing offers and discounts in other products based on the leaderboard ranking of users
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