In today's world, social media plays an extremely important role in evaluating businesses/products and customer/user experience. Due to presence of many different decentralized social media platforms, the strategic importance of social data as a whole may not be readily apparent or widely acknowledged, but that doesn’t mean that an integrated solution can’t be found.

What it does

socialTrends collects data from major social media platforms (facebook, twitter, reddit) and provides a one-stop-solution to key insights and trends using interactive visualizations. All the user has to do is plug in a keyword of interest and socialTrends will come up with user sentiments, most occurring word groups, and other metrics across the mentioned social media to help gain an integrated and holistic view of keyword trends.

How we built it

We used APIs for facebook, twitter, reddit to collect their data and store all of it at one central repository. We then analyzed this data using python by performing exploratory text mining, sentiment analysis and word clustering.

Challenges we ran into

Working with hierarchical structure of facebook-api and reddit-api was extremely challenging and time consuming as we had to figure out a way to flatten our data and structure it in a way that would help the analysis and processing to be meaningful.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being a team of 3 with 2 first time hackers, we are proud to complete the analysis that we had initially planned. Not only did we work on new and challenging technologies, we also built something impactful from the ground-up.

What we learned

There is no denying that we learnt a great deal of new API access techniques, text mining data structuring, but more than that, we learnt the importance of working in a diverse team with members having extremely different skillset and minimal hackathon experience.

What's next for socialTrends

We aim to add more social media platforms such as instagram, snap to our product. The bigger picture would be to integrate a powerful data exploration and analysis tool with an interactive front-end website.

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