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      Today we are able to keep in touch fairly well and with great ease. We can share everything from pictures, life updates, and links at the tap of a button. However the these services only all share the same flawed common attribute, most of these social networks exist on a small screen in a device that only one person can use. The rules of social engagement has changed, but we can adapt our tools to create new things. New ways of interacting with those around you.

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There are people with whom you share common interests with, perhaps even right next to you. Our objective is to spread happiness by assisting in the discovery of new friends all around you.


socialthing tagIcon       Interest Tags - Add short words to define what particularly interests you at any given time. These tags are used to match up interests between people. Think of it like 'Family Feud' style hangout.

socialthing tagIcon       Localized Events - Your tags let us know what you like, our matching skill allows you engage in local activites with those of a similar mindset.

socialthing tagIcon      A true social network - Get to know new people near you based on the common interests you have. Like Tennis, or Pokémon, or hulahooping, or surfing, or just getting coffee with someone new!

about the app

executive summary

    A tool designed for social networking (afk). We don't share photos, links, updates, music. We share real moments over common interests. This is an adventure.

general summary

     In not-brief: Use words or short phrases to explain what you feel like doing... at any time not just now. Be brief, as others have to think of these too. Try and think about the game show 'Family Feud' when adding. socialthing tagIcon Tapping a tag turns it green, we assume if we find other interested in with this tag you'll play. Tap it again to disable. If we find matches we'll let you know and share the event with you and those involved. You'll then have a chance to vote on a nice destination, have a quick chat, and check the status of those involved as well. That's pretty much it.

current app status

socialthing tagIcon      At the time of writing this our app is pending review in the app store process. Upon approval it will be available for any interested individual for a public beta trial. Since we are unable to edit this beyond submission, you can stay up to date with the beta and our app in general by visiting our site socialthingsclub.com/beta.

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