Research has shown that when people shop in groups, they shop more. However current eCommerce applications do not allow social shopping to go on, so the best people can do is share the links of the products on Whatsapp or Facebook and wait for the friend's feedback. Lack of active communication during the purchase steals the experience people get while shopping in offline stores.

What it does

What SocialShopping does is simple, it allows you to share screens with your friends while shopping. You can choose, purchase and add new friends to gain a whole new online buying experience.

How I built it

It is an Android app with Agora Video SDK.

Challenges I ran into

Setting up Agora Video SDK was easy but screensharing with reasonable quality was not always obtained. So it was a bit of hassle.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Built a full-fledged shopping app with screensharing.

What I learned

Agora Integration. Really intuitive APIs.

What's next for SocialShopping

I will integrate Agora Signalling SDK for calling and screensharing, currently, it is only broadcasted. Also using Amazon Product API to use affiliate links for shopping will make this app business ready.

Built With

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