Right before posting on Instagram or Facebook, we're always wondering whether we've made the right choices. Did I select the right photos? What about the right captions? The list goes on. It never feels good asking for advice about your social media presence from your friends and family. But we all still want to get feedback on our posts before hitting "Post" so we can get the most likes as we build our reputations. SocialSavage gives you the opportunity to run your posts by critics who can rate your pictures and help you become a social savage!

What it does

SocialSavage is an application which allows a user to submit a sample social media with images and captions and have other users comment, critique, and vote on your submission to let you make the best possible post.

How we built it

SocialSavage was built using the React web framework, uses Cloudinary to host images, and uses MongoDB Atlas to store image links and post data.

Challenges we ran into

Our biggest challenge was integrating all the different parts of our project like Cloudinary for our images, MongoDB for our post data, Google OAuth for user authentication, and all the different views we had into one cohesive application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are successfully able to use Google OAuth for user login. In addition, we also are able to host our images on the cloud instead of locally, which was the original plan. We also gave it an infinite scroll function just like the most popular social media apps such as Facebook and Instagram.

What we learned

The biggest thing we learned in this project is how to integrate multiple different pieces of software into one React application.

What's next for SocialSavage

We are committed to helping each and every one of you out there become a social savage! Our application is soon to be deployed for the entire world to use.

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