Outside of work it can be hard to find friends (even harder with COVID), this is a way to organize events to connect with people within your network.

Pitch Deck:

What it does

  • Manages an index of events and employees that you can invite (and remove) from events at any time.
  • Automatically sends emails whenever an event is scheduled, rescheduled, or cancelled with particular employees
  • Track attendance over time for particular employees and members.
  • Determine which events have good performance and which ones do not over time.
  • Optimize your events using data instead of when you "feel" like hosting something.
  • Engaging your employees both around work related things and non-work related things could help with retention and satisfaction with the company culture.

How I built it

Tables, Table to table relationships, formulas and foreign keys, notifications and automatic triggers.

  • Admin dashboard for your HR team or event administrator to review and manage events for your employees.
  • Full Schema outline below:


  • Administrator (can see all meetings)
  • Users (hosts and attendees) - can see meetings involving them

Meeting specific title:

  • Host
  • Attendee


  • Employees (enables not every employee to need a QB account)
  • Connected table to some external system - in this case I have it connected to a csv


  • Event Types (happy hour, game, sport, conference, webinar)
  • Attending - Used to create the many to many relationship between events and employees
  • Contains lookup fields into both the events and employees tables
  • Whenever an entry is added or mutated here, notification goes out

Notifications (currently emails or calendar invites):

  • On schedule (email all attendees + hosts)
  • On reschedule
  • On cancel


  • Employee attendance (over time)
  • # of events (events over time)
  • # of event types (over time)


  • Manage events, employees, and attending statuses


  • New event (creator is the host)
  • Invite employee to event

Challenges I ran into

  • The many to many relationship between events and employees
  • Wiring up the event notifications to look like calendar events.
  • Creating the admin dashboard with the appropriate links and tables

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Was able to get the table connections to work
  • Created a powerful admin dashboard that gives the user control over all events and employees from a single location.

What I learned

  • How to integrate multiple tables and components to create a Quickbase application which solves a pain I've seen at previous companies.

Demo video:

Built With

  • quickbase
  • quickbase-formulas
  • quickbase-notifications
  • quickbase-table-relationships
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