A kind of app anyone once needed. I just remember myself being desperate to print documents with New Year Eve coming in 6 hours with the last chance to pass the labs this year, not the next one.

How it works

Anyone, who has a sudden need to print a document, could check the Printera, find the nearest or the nearest suitable printer, download a doc and then come take the papers. Anyone who'd like to provide his printer for any other needy could register his machine via Printera, set some payment policy, and thus give access to it.

Challenges WE ran into

Due to some technical issues were forced to switch the technology.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

My team being forced to switch the technology still managed to get acquainted with the new one in a short time.

What I learned

How incredible people are!!!

What's next for Printera

Would surely continue with it. We have some ideas concerning monetizing, and believe our progeny to have its own niche and thankful auditory to serve to.

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