Product Name - SocialPath

Your circle of friends is enjoying a lot of followership on Twitter and keep boasting about how smart they are. You also want to start your digital or social journey and become a visible thought leader. It takes you 10 secs to sign up on Twitter. You go and follow lots of people. Now when the time comes to put out your 1st tweet to the world, you are clueless - What to tweet? Where is the time to do the research and read 100s of articles? How to figure out an idea for an interesting tweet? What to write in a tweet??

Leaders in today's world are expected to have a digital presence in rapidly changing social and professional mediums to showcase their expertise and be seen as thought leaders in the industry. Most of them know what needs to be done but don't know how to get started in digitally transforming themselves and make their mark as thought leaders in their domain.

SocialPath - Our application captures all the relevant data such as user’s professional profile, interests, aspirations, goals, location etc., learns from it and does 2 things -

  1. Suggest intelligent and relevant ready-made tweets/posts that this user can post directly on Twitter or other social/professional networks.
  2. Give a brief summary of the topic so that the user can learn Hence, making the user an Actual Thought Leader along with the Visible Thought Leader.

Our solution uses Artificial Intelligence to provide you with exactly the content you should be reading and learning to become an expert in your domain along with the readymade ideas and tweets to instantly post. A complete and unique solution where you don’t have to worry about how to go digital and be a thought leader!

Our Application can be extended to other social and professional networks like Linkedin, Github, Pinterest etc. and is completely Gamified!

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