Countries across the world are facing a crisis because of COVID-19. India too has entered a 21 day lockdown starting March 25. This lockdown has been affecting everyone in the country, especially the lower income group. Indian government has announced a 1.7 Trillion Rupees($22.5 Billion) economic stimulus package to help the lower income group. However, there hasn't been any specific package to help small businesses in the country. 3 weeks can kill a business. Therefore, we have built a website to help small businesses in our city through donations from people.

What it does

It's a website where small businesses can register themselves for listing+support. Businesses would first need to create a Ketto account(for free) and provide the link in the Google Form. This makes sure that the entire money donated goes straight to the Ketto account of the business. People can visit the website and contribute to a business of their choice in the form of donation or donation+discount. In donation+discount the contributor will get a 50% discount coupon of the amount contributed when he/she visits the store after the lockdown, i.e after the store reopens. We added this option because we believe that it would encourage more people to contribute towards a good cause and in turn get benefited by the 50% discount coupon.

How I built it

The website was built using HTML, CSS and Javascript. It is linked to a google form and a spreadsheet.

Challenges I ran into

Market the website and get businesses to register.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud to have been able to make a website through which help people can support each other, especially in times like these.

What I learned

Social impact starts with you. You have the power to help those in need.

What's next for socialnet.hyd

We look forward to officially launching our website so that we can start helping small businesses in our city. We encourage people to build similar websites to help businesses in their own cities.

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