(An app based on the idea of Social Fridge)

Socially is an app promoting the idea of social fridges in order to minimise the wastage of eatables and providing food to those in need.

FUCTIONALITY : This app provides an interface for the users to use social fridges with relative ease. There is a map which shows the current location of the users and also all the fridges that are nearest to them. The app allows the users to check how much food is present in the fridge. The users have to update the app whenever they add something to the fridge or take something from the it. Based on the contribution of the users, badges will be provided to them which will keep a track of how much contributions they have made by far. When the users earn a certain number of badges, they would be rewarded. This app will help form a social network which will connect users to each other and allow them to track each others progress.

APP INTERFACE : App starts with a login/sign up screen leading the users to a UI which asks them their current location and then a map appears showing the location of all the nearest fridges to the users. The users can get details about the fridge by clicking on it. Extention: App will also contain a secondary section called ‘Planted Trees’ in which the users will get the track of newly planted trees. Thus, allowing the network of users for keeping a track of growth of trees .

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