What It Does

Social Lite is an AI application that will help those who want to improve their social skills. The platform would be different from other similar apps as it makes suggestions and challenges. Users would have the option to go out to suggested events and/or perform challenges for points. Ultimately, these users would earn enough points to redeem them for items.

There would be two ways to earn rewards: Challenges and Events.

Challenges are tasks that can be completed at any time. There will be daily, weekly, and monthly challenges and will change every time. Some examples of Challenges are as follows:

  • Account Setup - 50pts.
  • Linking Social Media Accounts - 10pts.
  • Refer a friend - 5pts.
  • Daily Challenges - 2pts.
  • Weekly Challenges - 5pts.
  • Monthly Challenges - 10pts.

Event Challenges are slightly different since there are many factors that will determine the total number of points for each event. The following criteria for Event Challenges are as follows:

  • Length of Event - 5pts/hour.
  • Estimated # of attendees (or Venue Size) 5pts per 50.
  • Type of Events - Varies.

Additionally, it would be possible for an event to have many challenges throughout the day. (such as a Music Festival or whatnot)

What we accomplished

Much of these ideas were conceptual but over the weekend: -We bust and deployed a working Firebase Authentication Tool That was going to act as the front end of the platform. -We edited and deployed a personality insight tool for users to learn about their own personal traits using Twitter or Text. -We had plans of integrating the two web-apps into one single React base IBM Watson platform for Identifying user personality traits that would in-exchange given them recommended events to attend that they would both enjoy and get rewarded for.

What We Build (Tech Stack)

Nodejs/React/javascript IBM Watson Personality Insights API Firebase Auth Google Cloud Platform

OAuth Authentication with Firebase

We started off our initial project design around using Firebase backend for the Authentication and database for the users data using a react app that successfully accomplished these goals allowing Twitter Github and Facebook for authentication.

IBM Bluemix Watson Personality Insights

Using out limited understanding of Nodejs, Passport, Oauth2, and API usages, we were able to deploy a web application for Google Cloud Platform that used Twitter for authentication to read personality-related information and give out readings based on.

Challenges We Ran Into

We ran into issues with setting up Google Cloud, connecting some of the APIs, and Not fully understanding the product being developed until very late in the process.

Accomplishments We Are Proud Of

Got to publish two separate apps to GCP, learned how to better understand our products goals and better use of APIs and their callbacks for Auth and Data Passing.

What We Learned

Some of us were new to React, Watson AI, PHP, Nodejs, and Server building We need to better plan out our stack before starting development and better suiting jobs for each team member's role on the team.

What's Next for Social Lite?

We will need to further development of the application to ensure that there are no bugs and learn how to properly connect many of the currently separate APIs.

Overall we had a great time building and learning and this will fuel .future development and project approaches using the many skills we gained over the weekend.

In the future, we also like to add music recommendation integration and photos of the events to make the app more useable beyond the recommendations.

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