Socialink is a platform through which investors can invest into independent content creation, a multi-billion dollar industry that is only continuing to expand. As creators strive for growth, they can be hindered by a lack of capital. Socialink connects willing investors to these creators, creating avenues for capital formation that are easy and organic. Socialink utilizes the YouTube Data API to provide investors with a wide range of metrics and valuations of content outlets. After a match between a creator and an investor, Socialink allows for seamless equity and money transfer through the use of the Capital One API. Additionally, we made extensive use of Google Cloud and their services, including Firebase, the Google App Engine, the Compute Engine API, and the Cloud Deployment Manager. These services were critical to universalized, uninterrupted access to our platform. Overall, the use of these services enables Socialink to harness the power of the independent content creation industry. The future is not investing in stocks or in businesses—it’s investing in people and what they create.

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