The need to showcase the significance of social media interaction at large events

What it does

Our project analyzes Twitter feeds for certain hashtags and creates a web based visual dashboard showing the real time distribution of the hashtags across different event and users. We also created an Andriod mobile app to connect to the Ilumi Smart Bulb and pulse the light bulb corresponding to the hashtag whenever a new tweet is created.

How we built it

We created an AWS lambda function to use as an API with our AWS hosted NoSQL DynamoDB to store the Twitter data gathered by Spark analytics. We used Java to create an Andriod app to integrate with the Ilumi SDK and call the lambda API in order to pulse the bulb when the data updates. The web based dashboard powered by d3.js also calls the lamda API and updates real time when the data is updated.

Challenges we ran into

CORS related errors when calling the Lambda API was our major roadblock.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The whole thing. The Spark analytics were a first for the team to really analyze the twitter feed real time.

What we learned

Spark, AWS Lambda Functions, Ilumi SDK

What's next for Socialight

Integrating with other social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram

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