Social Distancer

This app keeps people 6 feet away

This simple but useful App uses your iPhone’s camera to alert you when someone is within your six-foot safety zone.

Click on the App and your front camera opens as you point it at anyone nearby. If someone is within 6 feet, the box around the person turns red. If the person is more than 6 feet away (approximately 2 meters), the the box around the person turns green. How to use

Hold phone horizontally while directed at people. If the box around a person is green, they are beyond 6 feet from you. If the box around a person is red, they are within 6 feet of you.

If there is no box when the camera is pointed at a person, than the camera does not see the person clear enough.

Works best when the target person is standing.

How Does it Work?

Social Distancer was created in Xcode and Android studio using Swift and Java. They both use the YOLO Object detection model to track people. When the camera sees a person, the app estimates the distance of the person based off of the size of the person in pixels.


Apple version can be demoed here:

Android version can be demoed here:


Social Distancer was taken down from the app store after Apple introduced new policies to prevent the spread of false information of Covid-19. That means no social distancing or Covid-19 related apps are allowed to be published by individuals. If anyone who is reading this is part of a recognized institution (hospital, government agency, university) and would be willing to publish it, the developers of both the Apple and Android version would be willing to do so.

Additionally, we are willing to donate a majority of the ad revenue to Covid-19 relief efforts once both apps are published.

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  • You need an Android device and Android development environment with minimum API 21.
  • Android Studio 3.2 or later.

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